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Brunei has an extensive collection of vintage and recon vehicles. As a result, we will complete the task of searching for [Spare Parts] for some vehicles and rare cars. Please give us vehicle information like the chassis number (nombor rangka) and engine number, and the car model, as well as the year of the car, as well as the list of items that you require, We'll do our best to find out for you.

Top-Notch Quality Part

We are confident in the quality of our car parts at Sing Yin. As a result, all of the automotive products we are selling come with a warranty.

Best Support from Experts

Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals who are always willing to assist you in selecting the right parts. Please contact us right away!

Widest Product Range

We provide a comprehensive catalogue of OEM-specified high-quality auto parts. You can always find the right parts for your car at Sing Yin.

Our Product

Sing Yin also specialises in all major automobile components, such as timing belts, steering and suspension systems, drive shafts, and brake pads. Whether you're looking for high-quality car parts and accessories to improve the performance of your vehicle or compatible replacement parts for your repair projects, our extensive auto parts catalogue will provide you with plenty of options. If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to [Contact Us]; our dedicated team is always available to provide expert advice and assistance.


Timing belt kit is designed as a complete repair solution for you and your customers, offering great convenience to help you save money on individual parts and is engineered to ensure long-lasting peak performance. It is manufactured and 100% tested to meet OEM standards.


We offer a complete line of high-quality steering systems designed to achieve excellent handling and flawless steering, ranging from tie rod ends to ball joints, stabiliser links, and rack ends.


Drive shaft parts are made available for all makes and models of vehicles, using quality parts sourced from the top industry leaders. They meet OEM specifications and have been thoroughly tested to ensure high strength, temperature resistance, and long-lasting durability to keep your ride safe on the road.


The disc brake pad and disc rotor have been engineered and formulated to provide superior stopping power and reliability in all driving conditions. All of them have been thoroughly tested to ensure optimal performance and extreme durability, giving you the assurance you need with every stop.


Suspension components are designed as a complete overhauling kit with superior heat and wear resistance to provide driving comfort and a super-smooth ride. Engineered specifically vehicles of all makes and models.


Keep your vehicle stable and in control with Sing Yin's highly tested shock absorbers. Made of OEM specifications, our shock absorbers are designed to withstand the most extreme road conditions, providing you with improved ride quality and great vehicle handling in all driving conditions.


Wheel hub bearings, you can avoid excessive car vibrations. Our wheel hub assembly and bearing parts are designed to strict ISO standards and are specifically formulated to ensure a safer and smoother ride. You can be confident that you will find a part that is compatible with your vehicle.